The Vault Online Release Program


The dilemma:  You need to order badges 1 and 2 at a time, but don’t like paying the high cost associated with ordering such small quantities.

The solution:  Order and warehouse your badges at bulk pricing.
Now you can personalize and release them as few as one at a time…at your convenience!

Enter The Vault:

An online name badge release and fulfillment system customized to the needs of consumers. No longer do you have to pay a high price for ordering 1 badge at a time as needed. No longer do you have to wait to order your badges until you have 10 of them lined up to avoid paying a high premium, and no longer do you have a minimum order quantity, or the hassle of stopping by the local shop to pick up some generic engraved tags.

At Vault Promotions, we know you need to order badges on your schedule at a price you can afford. That’s why we built a program that allows you to order any style badge you need at bulk quantity discounts, released as you have names for them. Sound easy? It is.

Everyone knows you get better pricing when you buy in bulk. It’s no different with name badges. Simply prepay for the quantity of badges you need, and we’ll produce them all at once without any personalizations and extend the bulk discount. We’ll then store your badges in our name badge vault, awaiting your command to personalize them. When you need a tag, simply log in to your customized program, enter or upload the names needed, and we’ll pull from your inventory, personalize them, and ship them to any address you like. No billing. No invoicing. No problem.

Log in to view all your past transactions, view inventory, run reports or even check on the current status of a release, all available online 24/7.

Name badge ordering has never been so easy or affordable. Quit wasting time and money, and get your badges in “The Vault”!


Want to see it first hand?