Plato Name Plates

Excellent nameplate choice when you need to swap out names yourself!

  • Large clear window with your full color logo and background imprint.
  • Includes a white or black backing plate.
  • Supplied with your choice of round or square corners.
  • Production time: 10 working days up to 250 piece
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    PLATO208 2" X 8"
  • 5000 fade true 50 bottom 30
    PLATO210 2" X 10"

Plato window plates are the logical choice for reusable signs or nameplates. Printed with full color digital graphics, these plates also have a clear window that allows ease of personalization changes. Simply print names on a piece of paper and slide them inside the plate! They’ll look great on a door, a desk, on a cubicle, or in that “allegory-free” man cave. Logos are typically placed on the left side. Other sizes and styles as well as options for holders or attachments are available.

PLATO208 2 X 826.5715.0711.669.939.068.558.308.06
PLATO210 2 X 1027.9815.9012.2310.949.989.509.219.03

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