Siren Name Badge

A full color personalized badge available in virtually any shape!  No die charge makes this badge affordable at all quantities.  Don’t be a square.


  • Full color graphics on 1/16 thick solid white plastic custom
  • custom profiled to your desired shape
  • Includes up to 3 lines of digital personalization
  • Also available with silver or gold brushed metallic finish
  • Production time: 7 working days up to 250 pieces

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  • 5000 fade true 30 bottom 30
    SIREN03 up to 3 sq"
  • 5000 fade true 30 bottom 30
    SIREN06 3 to 6 sq"
  • 5000 fade true 60 bottom 30
    SIREN09 6 to 9 sq"
  • 5000 fade true 60 bottom 30
    SIREN12 9 to 12 sq"

Our Siren name badge brings the convenience of full color custom shaped badges with personalizations to a new level! No more high priced setups, mold costs and minimum order quantities of 250,000. You want five? We’ll make five. Let the Siren call to you.

 Badges come supplied with a pinback, but we have lots of attachment upgrades available. You might choose to put these into our Vault Release program. Not a problem.

  So shape up! And we’ll ship them out.

SIREN03 0-3 sq"24.9913.919.437.576.265.975.635.60
SIREN06 3-6 sq"25.7514.689.918.336.576.235.935.87
SIREN06 6-9 sq"30.2516.8110.328.556.996.636.336.30
SIREN12 9-12sq"32.2917.9411.029.417.527.167.077.04

Attachment Options Release fee consult factory | Setups: ALWAYS Free | Copy Changes: $30G