Full Color Metal Plates

Your one stop shop for all your metal plate needs.

  • Our plates include non-bleed full color graphics on white, gold or silver aluminum.
  • Optional brass upgrade is available at an an extra cost.
  • Additional fabrication options such as round corners, holes, tape backing, and others, are available. Consult factory.
  • Production time: 10 working days up to 500 pieces
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  • 5000 fade true 60 bottom 30
    FCPLATE6 3-6sq"
  • 5000 fade true 50 bottom 30
    FCPLATE9 6-9sq"

If you want a highly attractive presentation of your graphic image, you’ll inspire “exorcist-like” head turning with these full color and industrial plates.
Eye-gouging full color graphics are sublimated onto durable white, silver or gold aluminum. Also perfect for simpler, more industrial designs.  Brass is also available for an extra charge.  Production time: 10 working days up to 500 pieces. Other sizes, as well as tape options are also available.

FCPLATE3 0-3 sq"12.037.524.703.502.351.461.170.93
FCPLATE6 3-6 sq"13.448.415.
FCPLATE9 6-9 sq"14.859.295.804.603.452.452.011.53
FCPLATE12 9-12 sq"16.4310.276.425.224.102.902.351.85
FCPLATE15 12-15 sq"20.2212.637.906.704.763.282.822.20
FCPLATE20 15-20 sq"22.0213.778.607.405.734.023.642.66
FCPLATE25 20-25 sq"24.4815.309.568.366.494.744.223.52
FCPLATE30 25-30 sq"26.2816.4310.279.067.545.424.934.07
FCPLATE40 30-40 sq"30.7619.2312.0210.828.816.736.285.22
FCPLATE50 40-50 sq"36.9623.1114.4413.2410.518.107.676.54
FCPLATE60 50-60 sq"40.3425.2215.7614.5611.819.258.897.60

Attachment Options | Setups: ALWAYS Free | Bleed Graphics add $.50C | Brass Upcharge $.05C per sq in | Copy Changes: $30G