About us

That’s right. No set-ups. Not just no set-up charges on reorders. No set-up charges, period.

Yes, we’re raising the bar. We’re running this whole “vault” theme into the ground – catapulting the industry to a new level, jumping to be leaps and bounds above the competition. Why?

Well, first of all, our management staff has a combination of 75 years of experience with a previous badge supplier.
We’ve produced your name badges and administered your release programs for nearly 20 years.

We’ve taken a name badge all-star team including a VP of Sales, a VP of Marketing and Customer Relations, a VP of Manufacturing, digital printing experts, a screen printing guru, a queen of graphics, catalog design and pre-press, a VP of Customer Service, a fulfillment, and release program expert to form Vault Promotions.

You could say we’re the new ‘old’ kids on the block.

You can probably tell already that we like to keep things light-hearted, but make no mistake, we are passionate about product quality, excellence in customer service, integrity, and in making our customers look like heroes. Even if we have to send a cape.

With our years of experience, “The Vault” online release and fulfillment program, and our┬ácommitment to excellence, you can count on Vault Promotions to be your go to supplier for all things name badges, tags, signs, cards, plates, plaques…and capes. Get ready to VAULT your badge business, my friends.